Reckons Resource Solutions is a specialized recruitment agency that offers timely and faithful recruitment of skilled candidates. With our expertise, we are confident in our ability to find you not just any job, but the perfect job for you. We have an enviable reputation among both candidates and employers because of our high standards of perfection and professionalism.

Executive Search

Our primary focus is to make Board and CFO-level recruitment. We vet, screen, and introduce highly qualified candidates to companies. The goal is to deliver value to each client we serve by screening the right talent for you and to help you build a team of executives that are prepared to deliver fulfill the desired business objectives. We make a detailed study of your requirement, before reaching out to potential candidates for screening. With a vast network of recruiting consultants, we ensure quality outcomes by targeting the correct potential candidate. We are engaged with you in all aspects of the hiring process, right from contract to salary negotiations to post-offer reference checks.

Mid & Top Management

We understand that Senior Level hiring is a challenge for businesses since they are on the lookout for candidates whose values are aligned with the business's values and at the same time who possess the required skill set. We, at Reckons Resource Solutions, ensure that only the candidates whose values are aligned with that of the business are screened by evaluating the candidates on the lines of behavior, brand, and skill set value. While making hirings for Branch Managers, Group Head, Regional Directors, etc. it is essential to know about the fundamentals of the industry and have excellent interpersonal skills. We, at Reckons Resource Solutions, make excellent use of advanced technology to filter out the best profiles suited for the business and ensure quality hiring with matching skill sets.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing refers to an organization’s decision to outsource all or part of its recruitment process. A recruitment process can refer to the employment application process, job interviews, or something else entirely unique to your business model and hiring needs. By outsourcing your recruitment needs, you reduce costs and improve your staffing efficiency significantly, enabling you to focus on other areas of the business that are important to growth and success. With our expertise and network in the field of recruitment, we work as an extended arm for the organizations in their recruitment process.

Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is also called international outsourcing. It is used to source services and products from locations outside of a business’s country or region. This approach can help businesses reach new markets, reduce costs or provide additional capacity for growth. International outsourcing is a term used for business practices that allow a company to reduce its costs by employing individuals outside of their own country. With our Global Sourcing expertise, employers are able to take advantage of unique skill sets, such as knowledge of local languages, cultures, or customs that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to find in-house. India's English-speaking population has led to it becoming an international hub for call centers and business operations that deal with clients from all over the world. In fact, some estimates put India's call center industry at as much as USD 19 billion per year!

Industries we work with